I Wanted to Be A Reverend Sister, But I Was Expelled, Beverly Osu

Beverly Ada Mary Osu, popularly known as Beverly has revealed that she wanted to be a reverend sister but was expelled from the convent.

Beverly who is an actress and a former Big Brother Africa housemate, made the revelation in a recent interviewed. She also said that she still wonders why they expelled her. But she thought it was because she loved to play secular music.

She represented Nigeria during the eighth season of BBA where she finished fifth on Day 91 after receiving 1/15 votes to win.

Why she was expelled from the convent has made people who do not know about her escapades curious.

But many of her followers revealed that they were not surprised because her life so far has shown that she doesn’t belong in a place like the convent.

A deleted post by Jaccy Ambrose gave the answer which people sought.

In the comment section, people also confirmed that Beverly is a wild girl and had been from the start, so they were not surprised that she was expelled.

People’s comment further explains that she is good at seduction and immoral practices which could have led her to seduce and sleep with the Reverend fathers, hence her expulsion.