‘I was raped every day by Boko Haram Members’ 15-year-old recounts ordeal

A 15-year-old girl who was abducted and kept in captivity by the Boko Haram insurgents for over eight months, has narrated how she was raped almost every day by sect members, some of whom were always on drugs.

The teenager, Ladi Musa, who was rescued by Nigerian soldiers, recounted how the rebels stormed her school in Yobe State, kidnapped her and some of her mates and took them to the Sambisa Forest and other camps where they were handed over to commanders as treasure wives.

Ladi who spoke about her ordeals in the hands of the insurgents, said she was tortured and beaten anytime she complained of tiredness or tried to put up any struggle against her assailants.

“I was kidnapped in my school in Yobe State by Boko Haram alongside 22 of my schoolmates,” Ladi began while being interviewed by soldiers during her debriefing.

“It was in the night when they came and we were preparing for our examination, so we had to go to the class to read. Suddenly, we heard shootings and screams of ‘Allah U Akbar’ all over the place.

“We knew we were in trouble and so we started running in different directions trying to run for safety. I was unlucky to be captured alongside others. They blindfolded us and put us in the truck they came with and drove us into the bushes.

“They warned us not to make any noise as they drove through the town, saying they would kill all of us is we dared to make any noise.

“We were so scared to even make any noise but kept praying for God to save us. The journey took a very long time until we got into a very huge forest which I later got to know is the dreaded Sambisa Forest.

“By the time they took off the blindfold from our eyes, it was daytime. A man who seemed to be the leader of the group announced that we were now their property and that we would never see our parents and families again.

“They would call out a man and hand over one of us to him, saying we were now married to the men and if they found out that any of us was a Christian, they would rejoice by shooting into the air.

“I was handed over to a man called Ahmad and he took me to his hut in another part of the camp. I was still a virgin then as I did not know any man before then but that afternoon, the man came to me and said must sleep with me.

“I pleaded with him to spare me but he turned violent and beat me mercilessly and when I was very weak, he raped me repeatedly.

“I cried all through and begged him to stop but he kept slapping me and laughing as I cried all through the ordeal.

“After he was done, he went outside and brought in two other men who took turns to rape me. That was just the beginning of my ordeal as the rape continued almost on a daily basis.

“Sometimes, Ahmad would be the only one to rape me and on some other days, he would bring some others to rape me and most of the time, they were high on drugs as they always took drugs.

“I think I got pregnant on more than three occasions and anytime they found out that I was pregnant, they would give me some concoction to drink and I would bleed for days but that did not stop the regular rape as they kept coming.

“There were days they would bring boys as young as 12 or 13 years old to rape me as well and they would be laughing and making fun of me.

“I know that other girls who were also kidnapped were going through the same ordeal as I was going through.

“For the eight months I was in the hands of the Boko Haram people, I went through hell because apart from the rape they subjected me to every day, they also starved me and beat me mercilessly anytime I tried to put up any resistance.

“My saving grace came when soldiers attacked the camps and killed many of the insurgents including Ahmad and rescued me and several other captives.

“I want to thank the soldiers and God for saving me and others. I pray that the Boko Haram members would suffer for what they did to me.”

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