Ihedioha’s men now destroy my works at night then tell people they collapsed – Okorocha

Former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha has accused Governor Ihedioha of sending his men to go out at night to destroy the structures he put in place in Imo state and then coming out later in the morning to tell Imo people that the structures collapsed.

Okorocha made the accusation in a statement released on Wednesday by Sam Onwuemeodo, his special adviser on Media.

The statement read; ‘They have indeed, formed the habit of going at night to loot or pull down some of the structures Okorocha built and in the morning they would tell the World that such structures fell down like the waterfall at Freedom Square Owerri just to blackmail the former governor and discredit his achievements. And the issue now is that these structures have been standing for years before Ihedioha’s coming and the question now is, why have they begun to fall within the few months he came to power?”

Okorocha went further to also accuse the governor of not doing anything since he became governor despite the huge sum of money which he left in the Imo treasury.

“Governor Ihedioha has also gotten about N109billion including the N42.5billion Okorocha left for him, money from the Federation Account, the Local Government Allocations, Internally Generated Revenue, the 13% deviation funds, but he has not filled one pothole since he came.” He wrote.

“It is also worth stating that of all the promises Governor Ihedioha made to Imo people only one has been fulfilled. And that is the promise that he would step on Okorocha’s toes. He has been stepping on the toes of the former governor and his family to the extent that Imo people are now asking him, whether Okorocha and family represent governance. He has not answered this question.”