I’m bleeding badly, stop hurting me back – BBNaija Jackye’s boyfriend begs her

Lami, the boyfriend of reality TV star, Jackye Madu, seems to have been caught in another wrong doing as he took to Instagram to plead for her forgiveness again.

In the recent post he shared, Lami begged the  2019 BBNaija star not to leave and not judge him with his past life as he is so much in love with her. He pleaded that she shouldn’t play with him the same games he played with her and not hurt him back the way he hurt her and also promised to start all over and make her very happy.

Lami wrote:

“You’re my lover, my girlfriend, my best friend, my heart desire and everything I sure would ever want. I cherish this love and will forever be grateful to you for making me realise what true love is… my past is something I ain’t proud of, I had hurt you so much and still you stayed and love me endlessly.

“My queen usually this would’ve been very hard for me to do but ama do it anyway… please dont leave babe, you’re my world my everything, my fresh air, my morning water, waking up to your face forever is my dream and joy.

“Please stop hurting me back, dont play the games I played you, it may turn out dirty and I wont be happy seeing u my true love get hurt by another, foreal I’m a G yes but I aint ashamed to say I led you there and I will never be too big to walk myself back to the basics of when our love was the greatest, come back to me my homie, fall for me again my flower, this time I am taking exception for you, the bullet has pierced my chest and I am bleeding badly inside out as I have felt something I have never felt.

“Like I have done before I wanna make it right again. I promise to make life sweeter like never before and will never get caught up in the bull crap ever again, I love you.


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