IPOB Members take police to ambassador’s residence to arrest Buhari, insists he isn’t In Japan (Video)

Members of the proscribed Indigenious Pople of Biafra (IPOB) this morning, stormed the residence of the Nigerian Ambassador to Japan with some police officers in a bid to arrest President Buhari.

In a video posted online, the group members claim the Ambassador’s residence has no trace of President Buhari and that they are there with their doctor to carry out a DNA test on President Buhari to determine if he is not Jubril from Sudan.

They say if they carry out the test and find out the man in the residence is not President Buhari, they will hand him over to the police for prosecution.

Watch a video of them in front of the Ambassador’s house as shared by LIB;

5 thoughts on “IPOB Members take police to ambassador’s residence to arrest Buhari, insists he isn’t In Japan (Video)

  1. If the socalled IPOB members had truely gone this far, it was an believable imagination. It was a video tricks to show that IPOB was made up of the most stupid persons on earth to have dare such a stupidity that can ever happened to a president of any giving country not to talk of a country called Nigeria. It also demonstrated how callous and hopelessness IPOB had gone with their antics that no one he in his right senses should consider them serious persons. The video clip is just an imagination of what they want to dish out and please their illeterate audience home and abroad that they are truly home slaves beyond redemption.

  2. Even though am not an ipob member,you must be insane to think it was a video trick or shop,the western world is not as barbaric as Nigeria and to think as a corrupt political leader or one who encourages the killing of his own people can not be arrested and tried abroad means you’re daring the possible,as long as there are evidences to prove the allegations and before you start ranting rubbish,you must understand that there is no political leader in Nigeria that doesn’t have foreign accounts where they hide all stolen funds of our nation

  3. The IPOB are being led by one eyed man so what do you expects, we don’t expects any thing less. Nigerian must have something to discuss to reduce Tension

  4. I should believe Igbos are more responsible and well informed. These crop of Igbo semi illiterates are portraying Igbo in bad light. This will make others to see them as group of clowns who should not be trusted with serious business of governance. The earlier good people of Igbo nation rise to checkmate these faceless group the better.

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