“Is 650k too big to spend on the girl you love?” – young lady calls out boyfriend

A young lady has asked for public opinion regarding what amount is too big to spend on one’s girlfriend.

The lady narrated the case of a her boyfriend being too economical for her liking, not even using expensive gifts that she buys for him.

On the other hand, she asked him to stop buying her gifts, since he only goes for the cheap ones. According to her, he since did not buy her anything for 2 years.

She narrated that after telling him she would like to buy “hair” which she saw and liked, he gave her his bank debit card. When she saw that he had nearly 2 million Naira in his account, she decided to purchase a 650 000 Naira worth of hair.

She narrated that upon seeing the debit alert, her boyfriend just called her immediately, shouting her down over the phone. He even threatened to never give her a dime ever again if she did not return the hair.

She complained that his flare embarrassed her because his neighbours would definitely hear him.

She has asked for public opinion about the matter. She wrote: “Please guys. Is 650k too big to spend on the girl you love? Cos I feel he’s overreacting. If I dress fine, he will be d one praising me.”

Instablog post of girl who called out boyfriend