Israeli Ambassador gives update about Safety of Nigerians in Israel

Israeli ambassador to Nigeria, Michael Freeman, has assured that Nigerian citizens living in Israel amid ongoing conflict are fully protected.

At a press conference in Abuja on Tuesday, Freeman stated that Hamas is a terror group that has vowed to eliminate Israelis and is committed to this goal.

Freeman assured that Nigerians living in Israel are safe, adding that in such a situation, civilians also get killed.

Freeman made the clarification while addressing journalists in Abuja on Tuesday, October 10, adding that the Saturday attack by Hamas, where about a thousand people died in a day, was the gravest since the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was the killing of the European Jews during World War II, which lasted for about five years between 1941 and 1945.

During the period, the Nazi Germany and its allies systematically killed about six million Jews across the German-occupied European territory, about two-thirds of European’s Jewish population.

He added that Israel would eliminate Hamas because they wanted to ensure that such did not repeat itself.

Freeman also spoke on the safety of Nigerians living in Israel, adding that everyone would be protected but hinted that civilians would likely be attacked in a situation like this.

The ambassador also said:

“Everyone is safe in Israel. Nigerians are safe. We will do everything we can to avoid civilian casualties. But the civilians will get killed; we should be prepared for that.”