It has become toxic and life-threatening – Nigerian man publicly announces end of his marriage, wife replies

A Nigerian man, identified as December Nwadoro, has announced the end of his marriage to his wife  Anawanti Divine.

Mr. Nwadoro on Monday, June 17, 2024, posted a photo on Facebook from their traditional wedding, saying the marriage has become toxic and life-threatening.

The couple had their white wedding on February 18, 2023, after their traditional wedding ceremony was held in November 2022.

His Facebook post reads:
“A PUBLIC NOTICE FOR MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION (DIVORCE)!!! It is of utmost importance to inform and notify the general public of my decision to terminate and dissolve my marital Conjugation with Mrs Anawanti Divine whom I got married to prior now,” the post reads.

“Kindly note that henceforth, I am no longer in any marital bond with Anawanti Divine due to some irreconcilable and complicated reasons as the marriage has become so TOXIC AND LIFE THREATENING.

Forthwith, she shouldn’t be addressed as my wife and she is free to remarry upon this public notification as she has returned to her parent’s house.

The decision may not be palatable to most people and may seem unexpected considering the short time of marriage.

Please accept my esteemed apology for whatever shock or inconvenience this notice may cause to you.

Thank you all for your unalloyed support and care always. Nwadoro December”.

The Ex-wife’s previous post

After the public announcement, many social media users besieged the ex-wife’s Facebook page and saw that she had posted some pictures of herself drinking and having a good time. She captioned the post: “I say make I put something for head to avoid bad dreams.”

Anawanti Divine response after her ex-husband went announced end of their marriage

Devine took a subtle dig at her ex-husband, December Nwadoro after he publicly announced the end of their marriage. She posted Nwadoro’s throwback photos and took the post down a few minutes later.

“See when I met this man called December,” she captioned the post, claiming that she cleaned him up.