It’s calculated wickedness to marry a woman – Nigeria lady slams gay men who deceive women

A Nigerian lady has slammed gay men who deceive women into marrying them when they know clearly that they have a different sexual orientation.

The Nigerian lady said that such men who blame ‘pressure’ for their action have no justification for the ”calculated wickedness”. She said if they must marry, then they should ensure the women know they are gay and know what they are getting into. 

@sheisboki tweeted; 

“I’m an unmarried, childfree woman who lives in a highly patriarchal society. If “pressure” has not made me deceive somebody, you gay men should shut up biko. YOU DONT HAVE TO MARRY ANYONE THROUGH DECEIT. I’m tired of y’all using women and justifying it. Fuck you!!!

“Unfortunately, again, as with the trans issue, the problems come from the males. Gay men and trans women want women as allies, but generally end up being exposed simply as users.

“There is NO justification for this calculated wickedness. If you can find hookups online, why can’t you find a beard? Talk to queer women who are under pressure to marry as well and have an arrangement but no, y’all insist on your right to deliberately hurt unsuspecting women

“To be clear, my issue is with the deceit. By all means marry o! But marry someone that knows what the hell she’s getting into. Is that really too much to ask? It’s lazy and wicked to not find someone who is okay with being your beard. If you don’t find, stay unmarried.

“And stupid ass women are here backing it up. Otolo gbagbue unu ncha!!!”