“I’ve had more than 40 lovers”- Woman reveals, afraid of partner finding out

A 32-year-old woman has expressed that she is scared of her partner finding out the truth about her sexual history.

“I’m a woman of 32, my boyfriend is 29 and we’ve been together for three years.” She said to Sun UK’s column ‘Dear Deidre”

According to her, she has kept her real body count away from her partner by lying to him that she has only slept with 7 people, whereas, she has slept with more than 40.

The anonymous woman says she is afraid of what her partner might do if he finds out what she has kept from him.

She also went down memory lane of her past life.

“I had a wild spell in my mid-twenties. I used to drink and party hard. Invariably I’d end up in bed with anyone who showed an interest.”

“It was only after a pregnancy scare that I curtailed my Friday night binges.”

On her sex life with her partner, she said;

“Our sex life was great — he was energetic and eager to please me. But after sex he’d always ask me about my previous lovers.”

“He always wants to know intimate details but I leave it vague as he has jealous fits. He compares himself to my exes during arguments.”

She stated also that at the beginning of the summer, a fight issued between them and since then, her partner has accused her of flirting with an ex in secret.

She also added that even when a woman accused her partner of getting her pregnant, which turned out to be true, she didn’t fashi it because they weren’t together but she was pained in a way.