Jobless man tells his wife to resign from her job because she cooked rice instead of Egusi soup

An unemployed man has asked his wife to resign from her banking job because she cooked the wrong food for him.

A Nigerian lady, identified as Oiza, said that her sister told her the story that the husband wanted to eat Egwusi soup but instead, she prepared Rice.

Oiza said that the husband told her to resign from the job that is putting food on their table.

“My sister was telling me about a lady in her church. The husband told her to resign from her job this week bcos she came home late from work & decided to cook rice instead of the Egusi soup the husband was craving Guess where the husband is working.. he’s jobless – for 6yrs now,” she wrote on Monday, April 30.

“Imagine telling your wife to quit her banking job in this Tinubu economy and you’re without a job, because of food! The only income coming to your home, you’re ready to block it because of Ego! Kai Kai!”