‘Jonathan has been working for Buhari’s Government,’ APC mocks PDP

The All Progressive Congress (APC) on Friday mocked the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying that former President Goodluck Jonathan is working for the current administration despite being a card-carrying member of the main opposition party.

APC Spokesman, Yekini Nabena, while challenging PDP spokesman, Mr Diran Odeyemi when the two of them appeared on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

“Goodluck Jonathan has been working for this government,” Mr Nabena said. “He has been going to all African countries. If he is not a progressive person, he won’t have been working for this government. So the PDP should also know that.”

Jonathan lost to Buhari in the 2015 general elections, but he has since taken up several diplomatic assignments across the continent.

Recently, the ex-President led talks that helped to de-escalate the crisis in Mali. He also led an African Union (AU) delegation to Tanzania in October to monitor the recently conducted presidential election.

Mr Nabena, on Friday, argued that Jonathan’s work is evidence of the APC’s progressive streak.

However, Mr Odeyemi disagreed, reiterating that the APC is set to witness a couple of top defections to the PDP.

“Many APC Governors are talking to us,” Mr Odeyemi said. “Perhaps Nigerians have not seen the end of these activities. More Governors from APC are coming to join us. And I’m saying it with all emphasis.

“The question we have to ask ourselves is, what has been the achievements of APC now, that will now warrant people to join them, if not for selfish reasons? Nigeria knows which party to vote for in 2023 and that’s what we rely on.”