Journalist Fisayo Soyombo accuses Kogi Gov’t of covering up COVID-19 cases and deaths (See details)

Journalist Fisayo Soyombo has given shocking account of suspected COVID-19 related deaths which have been recently recorded at Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, Kogi state, after patients exhibited symptoms, as he accused the state government of deliberate cover-up.

According to Soyombo, at least 4 patients have died within one week at the FMC, Lokoja, yet their samples weren’t taken while they were alive or after they died to check if they had Coronavirus.

He added that there have been other patients who exhibited COVID-19 symptoms but were not tested and were later discharged.

He told of a pregnant woman who recently returned to Kogi from Lagos. She went to FMC, Lokoja, on March 22, for a ceserean section operation and showed symptoms of COVID-19, yet she wasn’t tested and was discharged after her surgery.

He added that last week, there were patients in the O&G ward “who manifested respiratory issues, inability to breathe and other COVID-19 symptoms.” He said three of them ended up dying. 

He tweeted: “One more patient exhibited potential COVID-19 symptoms on Sunday but moves for sample collection were futile; by yesterday (May 4), the patient was dead.

“I’ve been told there are more suspected cases, but these were the ones I personally tracked.”

Fisayo accused the Kogi state government of cover up and suggested that they might be covering up Coronavirus cases in the state for three reasons, one being that none of the isolation centres in the state are ready for use. He said the second reason is that the state government doesn’t have money to give to the people as palliatives so they pretend the state is free of COVID-19 cases.

He wrote: “Why would the state govt want to hide COVID-19 cases? There may be many reasons but I’m sure of three, so far:

“1. None of the 3 isolation centres — at SDG/FAREC Clinic, the Kogi State Diagnostics Centre & the Maimuna and Usman Yahaya Foundation Hospital — is ready for use.”

Kogi state claims it has no case of Coronavirus but Fisayo’s thread is questioning this claim.

Read the full thread below.

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