Just In: BVN shows donor Ike Ekweremadu took to UK is 21 years

The last is yet to be heard about the trouble Senate Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, got themselves into.

According to a new emerging information, the donor, David Ukpo that the senator took to the UK may have lied to the authorities about his age.

The information from a bio-metric verification has shown that he is 21, and will turn 22 years in 4 months time.

See the screenshot below.

Below is the letter Senator Ike Ekweremadu wrote to seek David’s visa for the organ donation for his sick daughter.

2 thoughts on “Just In: BVN shows donor Ike Ekweremadu took to UK is 21 years

  1. Senator Ike ENWEREMADU, has been doing so many bad things in the time past covering it with his nigeria personality and positions which nigerian securities from army down to the list of them all know very well . This time God almighty who have been so much angry with nigerian leaders decided to expose him and family. Any reasonable person that will defend should ask a question like this, can senator Ike ENWEREMADU give his own son’s kidney for another person’s daughter to be transferred for a better living, will his wife agree for such if the boy David Okupo is in the position of their daughter. Who is sure they did not take David there to take his kidney cook it and eat it. Because nigeria government leaders like eating human flesh. Nawaoooooo.

  2. If David okupo was well briefed on his mission to UK and his agreed .we would like to know equally the terms of their agreement, that’s , financial and otherwise , so that some how .Mr enweremadu will share half of the blame and the donor will share half.Because the organ harvesting has been going on .
    What about the people we contribute money for on social media to save their lives, we donate money to pay for organ replacement ,where do they buy them from.??is it because enweremadu has money and he is involved the casting , and it makes news.
    Cast the donor who agreed yo sale his organ and the buyer please.

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