Just in: Clash as Ijaw youths stop Asari Dokubo from holding Biafran meeting in Bayelsa

A bloody clash was averted on Saturday by the police in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, following failed attempts by a former militant leader and Niger Delta activist, Asari Dokubo, to hold an expanded inaugural meeting in support of Biafra.

It was gathered that the Chairman of Ijaw Youths Council (IYC), Central Zone, Kennedy Olorogun, got wind of the Biafran meeting and mobilized his executive council members and other youths to the venue of the gathering.

Olorogun was said to be angry that Dokubo chose Bayelsa, a homogeneous Ijaw state, to hold such meeting and ordered the founder of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) to leave the state or face the wrath of the youths.

It was learnt that Dokubo, who recently declared his support for the actualisation of Biafra, gathered over 300 persons from across the states in the South-East and South-South to hold the meeting.

The meeting was reportedly convened under the auspices of the Biafra National Council (BNC) and not the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Confirming the development, Olorogun said over 300 persons including Dokubo were  already gathered at a hotel in Yenagoa when he led Ijaw youths to the place.

He said quarrel ensued between him and Dokubo when he told the former militant leader that the meeting would not hold in Ijawland.

“When we got the information, we stormed the venue of the meeting to stop them.

“They tried to resist us but we told them we were prepared for them because we will not allow any part of Bayelsa to be used for a meeting calling for the actualisation of Biafra.

“I wonder why Dokubo decided to bring such meeting to Bayelsa. But we stopped them.

“It was getting out of hand but the police intervened to stop possible violence. My happiness is that we stopped the meeting from holding”.

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4 thoughts on “Just in: Clash as Ijaw youths stop Asari Dokubo from holding Biafran meeting in Bayelsa

  1. Ijaw nation will suffer a lot if Biafra is actualized, i have been saying this, that nobody can satisfy Igbo, but i am in support of the actualization of Biafra, herein lies the problem, but the truth of the matter is that the Biafra isdue is already a back market, to start with, Biafra is not partained to Igbo but to Akwa Ibom/Bayelsa axis, then put aside the generic name S/S face the reality of the constituents, does Ijaw, Ogoni, Effik, Ibibio, Anang , Oron, Ogoja, Ijagam,Obudu Kalabari even Ikwerre want to be in the Igbo boat of Biafra? No, then the Western groups of the S/S are more united in opposition to the Biafra than infavour of it . Igbo has been creating problems for herself unknowingly, right from the era of the then old Eastern region and after the regional to states arrangements, Igbo behaviour has pitched her with virtually rvery ethnic groups in Nigeria, even against the Yorubas whose lands gives them succor once they fled Hausa land.
    Igbo boys are using faith to coopt all these S/S, Igala, Idoma elements into Biafra, let us see how far they can go

    1. You are part of the people that are pathologically Igbophobic.

      This has blighted your reasoning and clear sense of judgement.

      It is clear from your comment that you are envious of the Igbo for some stupid reasons.

      I really wonder how a confederal Biafra, will not benefit you more than the present Nigerian system though I am not supportive of secession.

      For your information, Igbos are not at war with any ethnic group in Nigeria. In the southwest, they have great understanding with the Yorubas. That is why you cannot hear of any fight between them.

      While they might disagree on certain issues, majority of the Yorubas are at peace with the Igbos, who are paying taxes and contributing to the development of the zone.

      In the north Igbos are not at war with any group. So don’t impute any from your wicked and envious perspective.

      Asari Dokubo, is entitled to freedom of expression and association. This cannot be stopped by anyone or group

      It is a shame that people like you are still haunted by inherited hatred from your treacherous fathers, who saw an enemy in the Igbos that pose no threat to them.

      Stop pushing across hate and fanning embers of perceived subjugation by the Igbos – they are not your problem.

      After the ill-fated civil war, only you and your fathers seized their property but look around today, they own more than you seized.

      The more you hate the Igbos, the more they prosper and even in Nigeria as presently constituted, Igbos are more advantaged than you, despite your morbid hate.

      1. @Prince Ahanonu, God bless you, you really spoken well forget that betrayal and novice called himself @Oscar Lee his answering Chinese name in So-called Ijaw land, confused man you don’t even know you root, you claim Ijaw man your name can’t even speak of your so-called Lineage, sorry for you. Nonsense!!!

  2. A coward and defeatist under pseudo name Oscar Lee, is simply a Yoruba coward who does not know that Biafra has left the British zoo called Nigeria . You can only identify a fool by his words. The incident in Bayelsa state biafraland is personal rivalry between the two Ijaw sons which has no importance to the restoration of Biafran Republic and Yoruba coward should be reasonable enough or shutdown as neither they or the zoo Nigeria government has power to stop Biafra restoration ok.# Biafra republic rising # Israel rising # zoo Nigeria must be burnt down.

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