Just In: Israel Scientists To Announce Coronavirus Vaccine In Few Days

Scientists at Israel’s Institute for Biological Research have said they are ready to announce the completion of a vaccine for the coronavirus in a few days.

The institute under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office said it has had a significant breakthrough in understudying the biological mechanism and threats of the COVID-19.

The vaccine would have a better diagnostic capacity, produce antibodies for infected patients and improve immunity.

The Israel Scientists under the Institute however, said that the vaccine requires series of tests and experiments that may take weeks before the vaccine would be certified as safe to use, Israeli Newsmen reports.

Meanwhile, another team of scientists in London led by Mucosal Infection and Immunity head, Robin Shattock, has said that the vaccine for the treatment of the coronavirus was almost developed.

The researchers on Saturday told newsmen that they had tested the vaccine on mice and they hope it would be ready for trial on humans by June 2020.

According to the Senior researcher, Paul McKay, of Imperial College London, “I’ve got results from a month after I injected (the mice) and the vaccine works really, really well.”

The team also said that it was working with scientists in Paris to know how effective it would be on monkeys.

He added that they have applied for research funding from the Medical Research Council, UK, which would help the team conduct a clinical trial on humans.

“If we get the funding for the human clinical trials, we will put it into people by June,” he said.

“If British scientists here develop a vaccine it would be great if the Government supported it,” McKay said.

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