Just In: Trump declares himself winner of US Presidential election

President Donald Trump declared himself the winner of the November 3 Presidential election.

Trump who has continue to undermine the US electoral process by insisting that there was voter fraud without providing proof, have refused to concede to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Taking to Twitter minutes ago, Trump declared: “I won the election”,

Twitter flagged the tweet immediately, tagging the tweet with a link that says: Official sources call this election differently’.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were projected winners of the election on 10 November. Following American tradition, Biden had since declared victory and set up a transition team. He has also appointed Ron Klain as chief of staff.

Trump’s tweet was a continuation of his Twitter rants since Sunday, when he first acknowledged Joe Biden was the winner of the election. Then simultaneously, he claimed the victory was because the election was rigged.

He then later tweeted that he was not going to concede as he planned to file ‘big cases’ soon.

He continued the theme of election rigging in three other tweets also flagged by Twitter as ‘disputed claims’.

Recall that the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania on Sunday dropped a major part of a lawsuit it brought seeking to halt Pennsylvania from certifying its results in the presidential election.

In an amended complaint filed in federal court, the Trump campaign dropped a claim that election officials unlawfully blocked observers from watching the counting of mail-in ballots in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The pared-down lawsuit now focuses on a claim that Democratic-leaning counties unlawfully allowed voters to fix errors in their mail-in ballots in violation of state law.

Officials have said the dispute affects a small number of ballots in the state, where Democrat Joe Biden is projected to win by more than 60,000 votes.

Pennsylvania officials have asked a judge to dismiss Trump’s lawsuit, saying the election observers were allowed to assess the processing of mail-in ballots.

The officials also said the state’s counties were permitted to inform residents if their mailed-in ballots were deficient, even if it was not mandatory for them to do so.

3 thoughts on “Just In: Trump declares himself winner of US Presidential election

  1. Your report is filled with professionalism and one sided.u are calling joe Biden winner wen the electoral body did not declare him winner of the election.
    U claim Trump doesn’t have proof to his claims on the election fraud wen proofs are everywhere. U practice destructive journalism!

    1. shame on you chess for your bigotry. what proofs does trump have? none. it’s a shame that your president cannot take defeat even when he loves winning. good luck with your cheating president. i guess this is how the universe wants to destroy the united states for good. good luck supporting falsehood and a cheat

  2. Do your best and leave the rest Presidant Donald Trump, the world will one day remember you as Nigerians now remember GEJ, but I wish USA won’t get there…. YOU NEED ONE MORE TENURE OF 4 YEARS, I bet to red the wrongs, as they are marking the wrongs in blue ink…

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