Kaduna governor-elect promises fair administration

Senator Uba Sani, the Kaduna State elected governor, has assured all Kaduna locals that his administration will be void of any social prejudice once it assumes power on 29 May, 2023.

He said this during the solidarity visit of a group of clergy under the aegis of the Progressives Pastors Platforms on Sunday in Kaduna, the state capital. He also said that both those who voted him and those who did not will be treated impartially because Kaduna belongs to all.

Sani, while also addressing 9 governorship candidates from 9 political parties, said that even those of other political affinities would benefit from his administration.

The 9 political parties include African Democratic Congress (ADC), Action Alliance (AA), Social Democratic Party (SDP), Boot Party (BP), All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), National Rescue Movement (NRM), Action Peoples Party (APP), Accord Party (AP) and Peoples Redemption Party (PRP).

While speaking to the pastors, Sani said:
“Today, I am happy because the pastors sitting before me have chosen the path of development and progress of our own state over parochial issue of religion and ethnicity.

“I am also happy that you have accepted to work with us. And we have accepted to carry everyone along. We will not discriminate on the basis of religion and ethnicity. We are all citizens of Kaduna State. Kaduna belongs to all of us.

“We will try as much as possible to carry everyone along whether you voted for us or not. This is what we need at this time.

“Other political parties that contested with me have come to me and demonstrated their own support for me so we can move Kaduna forward together.

“We will make everybody comfortable in Kaduna State irrespective of religion and ethnicity. Kaduna State is the only state that has abolished the dichotomy between indigene and citizen. We will continue to sustain this. We will fight to end politics of religion in our state. Now the election is over it is time we bring everybody on board to work together.”

Earlier, the National Coordinator of the Progressive Pastors Platforms, Rev. Emmanuel Adebayo, told Sani that he intends to start building bridges across the divide, since the just-concluded Governorship election was tainted a “sharp bitterness.”

“We want to advise that you begin to build bridges across the segment of the society because there is a sharp bitterness that characterised this last election. And we as a group have agreed to go on advocacy to bring everyone on board to support you in this onerous task of governing Kaduna state.”

Sani thanked the clerics for the visit of support to join him in developing the state. He said:
“When I look at the manifestos of all the political parties that are here, we have something in common. We have similar things in education, healthcare development, the issue of security, our support for our teaming youths.

“This is the reason why I believe we can work together to move Kaduna State forward by the grace of God.”

Earlier, the governorship candidate of Action Alliance (AA), Timothy Adamu, who spoke on behalf of other candidates said they came to congratulate the governor-elect over his election victory.

“We all contested with you but as the saying goes; every decision belongs to God. It is God that gives power to whom He wishes and at the time He wishes.”