“Kill Corruption not Nigerians” Tunde Bakare To Tinubu

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Senior Pastor of the Citadel Global Community Church, formerly known as the Latter Rain Church, on Sunday, in live broadcast on Channels TV, lamented the hardship the removal of petrol subsidy has caused Nigerians.

He urged President Bola Tinubu to kill corruption and not Nigerians because as it is, it looks like the fight is against Nigerians since they are the ones suffering from the effect of the rather harsh policies of the president.

On the fuel subsidy removal and its harsh economic impact on Nigerians, Bakare said: “Mr President, kill corruption, and not Nigerians. No economy can thrive on impunity”

Speaking on the theme ‘Vice, virtue and time:  the cleric faulted the proposed military intervention in Niger Republic by ECOWAS.

He said: “Local support for Nigeria by Nigeriens is at an all-time low. It is, therefore, counter-productive to engage in a warfare. While we condemn coup d’etat in West Africa, we recognize that the situation calls for deep, introspection on the part of African leaders.

“We call upon Nigeria at this time to provide good leadership. The real question is whether President Tinubu has capacity to provide the moral leadership even in the domestic context.”

The Man of God expressed optimism that God will turn things around for good in Nigeria after his state of the nation broadcast, he said: “We must share what the Lord has said to us and what he has shown to us. Today’s state of the nation broadcast is a byproduct of what we have seen and what we have heard.

“You’re going to see God’s move in our nation after this state of the nation broadcast. Today will mark the time, day and season that God intervened in Nigeria’s affairs.” His proclamation was greeted with a thunderous amen by his congregants and viewers.