King of Swaziland, Africa’s poorest country, buys 19 Rolls Royce for his 15 wives and himself (photos/video)

King of Swaziland, Mswati III Mswati who has been accused recently of draining public coffers for his personal aggrandizement, at the expense of his subjects, has now allegedly bought 19 Rolls Royce vehicles for his 15 wives and a customised Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV for himself.

A Twitter report which it yet to be confirmed claim that “4 trucks loaded with 20 Rolls Royce and one Rolls Royce Cullinan” were delivered to the small African country which is the poorest in the continent. 

Of all the cars delivered, each of his wives gets at least one.

A video shared online purportedly shows the cars being driven out from the point of delivery to be delivered to the new owners.

The video was shared by investigative journalist Mzilikazi wa Afrika.

Mzilikazi wa Afrika’s post read: “HEARTBREAKING NEWS: Amidst all the economic challenges eSwazitini, King Mswati III yesterday decided to bless his wives with very expensive wheels.”

The Citezen reported that a source, from eSwatini’s Ministry of Information Communications and Technology, confirmed that the King had indeed bought the vehicles. The source reportedly said the vehicles arrived on Tuesday but was unsure on the exact number of the cars.

Just last week violent clashes broke out eSwatini with government workers complaining about the high living costs in the monarch. News24 reported that the protests were in relation to the workers accusing King Mswati III of draining public coffers at the expense of his subjects.

Watch a video of the luxury cars being delivered below.