Kwara Police arrests doctor for raping nurse

Ayodele Joseph, Chief Medical Diector (CMD) of Ayodele Hospital in Sawmill, Ilorin, has been arrested for allegedly raping a nurse. The suspect reportedly engaged in the act while performing operation on the nurse.

Before being sedated, the suspecting nurse had activated the camcorder in her phone and placed it somewhere in the operating room, unknownto the doctor.

According to a statement by Kwara Police Commissioner, CP Paul Odama, she wanted to make sure there was no mishap during the operation.

Joseph was one of 13 suspects paraded by the Kwara Police Commissioner before journalists at the Police HQ on Friday, 12th May.

The CP said, “On May 5, 2023, a female victim (name withheld), a nurse by profession, reported to the police that she went to Ayodele Hospital at 290, Sawmill area, Lagos Road, Ilorin, for surgery. The Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Ayodele Joseph, during the treatment, sedated the patient, which led her to become unconscious.

“Before the sedation, fearing any mishap, the patient activated her telephone and placed it in a vantage position to record the surgery unknown to the doctor before the expected surgery.

“She woke up from sleep after the surgery to find herself fully naked, and when viewing the recorded video, she discovered that the said Dr Ayodele Joseph had unlawful sexual intercourse with her while under sedation.

“Investigation led to the recovery of the video recording of the sexual action of the said doctor on the victim, which was also corroborated by the medical examination conducted on the victim.”

It was noted that Joseph had once been charged to court for causing the death of one Nneka Akanike in his hospital.

The Police spokesman also stated that the management of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) had been informed of the recent case, adding that his hospital premises had been sealed from entrance.