Lady who accused D’banj of rape now demands public apology, threatens to sue

Miss Seyitan Babatayo, the lady who accused popular singer D’banj of raping her in a hotel room on December 30, 2018 has demanded that the singer tenders an apology to her in private and in pubic.

Miss Babatayo claims D’banj forced himself on her after she has earlier turned him down. Babatayo through her lawyers demanded a private and public apology for the rape, in a letter titled “SEXUAL ABUSE, INDECENT ASSAULT AND INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS ON MISS SEYITAN BABATAYO: DEMAND FOR PUBLIC APOLOGY” threatens to institute criminal charges against him if he does not comply.

According to her, her legal counsel will be taking over the case.

The letter reads in part;

Our brief details the following narrations as recounted by our client in establishing the premise for her request as follows.

On 30th December 2018, our client was invited to an All-White Rendezvous Party at Eko Atlantic City by your former manager who at that point in time was your manager, one Mr Franklin.

The party ended a bit late and our client was stranded on the Island as she could not find a way back home. She was thereafter faced with the option of following one Oyinda and her boyfriend to their hotel room at Glee Hotel Victoria Island to wait for Mr Franklin who invited her. Oyinda’s boyfriend is one of your friends and Oyinda is well known to you.

When Mr Franklin came to Glee Hotel, he was in a hurry and did not drop from his car. Our client had to meet Mr Franklin at the parking lot and Mr Franklin gave up his room at the Glee Hotel to our client and gave her the key-card to the room so she can pass the night and find her way home the following morning. Mr Franklin thereafter slept off after the conversation with Oyinda with the door of her hotel room locked.

At about 3 am on 31st December 2018 while our client was fast asleep, you gained access to the room where our client was sleeping with an extra key-card and forcefully had canal knowledge of our client without her consent and with the threat that you will send her out of the hotel naked if she screams or attempt to alert people that she was about to be or is being raped. After having the said forced sexual intercourse with our client, you left without uttering a word to our client.

The following morning, our client narrated her ordeal to Oyinda and Oyinda’s boyfriend who showed sympathy with her. Oyinda’s boyfriend latterly gave our client a $100 (one hundred dollar) note to check herself for possible infection and get some contraceptives since she just had unprotected sex.

The aftermath of the incidence has been damaging to our client’s psychological, physical and emotional being. Our client’s state of being has been totally eroded wit the rape incidence and she has once had the thought of ending it all by taking her own life.

This was further exacerbated by your present stand against rape and sexual violence against women when indeed you have once perpetrated the crime against her and you never apologize to her.

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