Man Brutally Murders Wife in Abuja Home, Sparking Tension

A sense of unease has gripped the nation’s capital following the disturbing news that a man has brutally murdered his wife in their home, within the quiet confines of Abuja’s Bwari neighborhood.

ExpressiveInfo learned this after a petition was filed that Mr Ezeagu John, a resident of Bwari is responsible for the death of his wife, Ogechi John.

Ezeagu John

Ogechi’s siblings who filed the petition claimed that autopsy report reveals that Ogechi died from domestic violence she suffered in the hands of her husband. They also accused the husband of taking the drastic step of hiding their children.

Reports from her family suggest that Ogechi who is an Optometry graduate of Imo State University and a mother of five recently visited her family in Jos before the unfortunate incident occurred.

The grief-stricken family of Okeke, hailing from the Obowo Local Government Area of Imo State, has taken action in the wake of this tragedy. They submitted a formal petition to the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, asking him to open an investigation into their daughter’s brutal murder.

Obioma Okeke, the deceased’s sibling who signed the petition, said Ogechi showed no trace of illness when she visited her parents.

“At about 0300 hours on July 10, 2023, I received a call from Mr. EZEAGU JOHN ‘M’, a resident of Bwari in Abuja, who happens to be the husband of Ogechi John, my late sister. He asked me to come over to Abuja from my base in Jos, Plateau State, that my sister was finding it difficult to breathe.”

“The report came to me as a big shock because the two of them visited our family house in Jos, a day earlier and there was no trace that my sister was ill. I asked him several questions concerning the state of my sister’s health and why he reached me at such odd hour, but he ended the call abruptly after insisting that I come over to see her.

“I rushed down to Abuja where the biggest shock of my life was awaiting me. When I got to Abuja, he directed me to Catholic Hospital, Bwari. When I got there, I was expecting to see my sister in one of the wards but surprisingly, I was taken to the mortuary. I asked what happened but he told me that she was just struggling to breathe and he rushed her to the hospital I did not believe she was gone so I insisted on getting a second opinion from another hospital.

“We proceeded to FMC Jabi, Abuja where the doctor certified her dead. I insisted that I wanted an autopsy but their fridge wasn’t in good condition. Since embalmment wasn’t an option, we were referred to the National Hospital, Abuja.

“From there, I moved to Bwari Police Divisional Headquarters to file a formal complaint. The deceased husband was invited over and detained. During detention, he insisted that he knew nothing about the death of my sister and refused to disclose the whereabouts of my sister’s children, five in number.”

The petitioner said the family stood its ground for an autopsy which revealed the cause of the death.

“At the police station, my family resolved for an autopsy to unravel the cause of her death but the suspect’s family kicked against it, saying we should make arrangement for burial, but we went ahead with the process which confirmed our fears that she was strangled.”

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