Man diagnosed with heart cancer sneaks out of hospital to eat eggs, drink beer and smoke

A patient who has been diagnosed with heart cancer shocked many when he sneaked out of the hospital to go and drink beer with the excuse that it might be his last because doctors told him that he will not live long.

Mr. Derrick Tembo from Ndola, Zambia, has a terrible heart cancer which doctors say its incurable. In a dramatic turn of events, Mr. Tembo left the hospital without the nurses’ knowledge, saying he wanted to drink beer in advance before he dies.

Obviously he has made peace with himself before going straight to a nearby Liquor Shop to quench his thirst as he already believes his days are numbered.

He posted the pictures of himself with bottles of beers on Facebook with the caption; “why not enjoy before the glorious day comes when to meet his maker”.”Tired of being in hospital bed just sneaked to quench my thirsty. After all whether I drink or not am gonna die..”