Man flogged to death by his kinsmen in Anambra – see why

A man identified as Mr. Kenneth has died after he was flogged and tortured by his kinsmen in Nza Ozubulu in Anambra state.

A video that has been shared online captured when two kinsmen were flogging him mercilessly on his naked body while his hands were tied together to prevent him from escaping.

It was reported that the kinsmen flogged him till he bled to death.

Before he died he asked the men what he had done that would make them beat him the way they did.

Then one of the men flogging him told him that he stole.

Eyewitnesses claim that Mr Kenneth was flogged because he allegedly sold a water tank in his family house and used the money to solve family issues.

That was why he was beaten to death by his kinsmen who were called by his younger brother.

Concerned Nigerians have called on the state governor and the police to ensure that those involved in the beating are brought to justice.

They are also calling on the government to protect his bereaved wife and children who are being intimidated in their efforts to seek justice for Mr Kenneth.

Watch the video of the beating below.