Man kills his mother, blames her because he is still a virgin

A tragic shooting in Plymouth, United Kingdom, on Thursday claimed the life of at least six persons, including a three-year-old girl, after a gunman holding a ‘pump-action shotgun’ went on a killing spree.

Jake Davidson, 22, who had a license to firearms killed at least five people, including his mother, had posted long rants on his Youtube page demonstrating his hatred for women and support for the incel – ‘involuntarily celibate’ – movement, which has been linked to atrocities in America.

The murders which took place about 6 pm Thursday came 22 days after he was bragging online about the UK ‘having more guns you think’ in a post about US-style mass shootings.

UK Metro reports revealed that his mother, Maxine, 51, who had recently recovered from cancer – begged the NHS and police to give him urgent mental health treatment during lockdown – and it was also revealed he was still allowed to hold a valid gun license.

One friend of the family wrote on Facebook last night that his relatives, including his mother Maxine, had begged for mental health support for Davison, adding: ‘The NHS basically said they are short-staffed and that was it. The family even asked the police to come out to see him as he was talking and acting strange – they didn’t do a welfare check. And now six people are dead.

Self-described ‘f***ing fat ugly virgin’ and bodybuilder Jake Davison, 22, murdered his mother Maxine, 51, after bursting into her home in the Devon city with a pump-action shotgun last night.

Without saying a word Davison, dressed in black, then gunned down the girl and a male relative, 43, walking her up Biddick Drive before then shooting and injuring a man and a woman nearby. They are recovering in hospital.

The gunman then shot and murdered a dog walker aged 61 in a nearby park, and fatally wounded a woman, 59, outside a hair salon – before shooting himself ‘during that six-minute-or-so period’ before armed policemen arrived.