Mandela’s granddaughter, Zoleka, excludes specific individuals, including ex-husband, from attending her funeral

The granddaughter of Nelson, Zoleka Mandela, made a list before her death of those not allowed at her funeral and the list has now been made public.

The list includes the name of her ex-husband and father of two of her kids, Thierry Bashala. Bashala had mourned her on Instagram after her death.

Zoleka also listed some relatives who sexually abused her. She said those on the list with a dot (.) against their names abused her sexually and are not allowed near her dead body.

She added on the list those that she is close to including her sisters, dad, and stepmom to the list.

Zoleka died on Sept. 25, 2023, after a long battle with cancer.

The South African author had survived cancer twice before it came back a third time and she passed at the age of 43.

She was treated for breast cancer in 2011. It returned in 2016 and she beat it again. Sadly, she announced in August 2022 that she had been diagnosed with bone metastasis.

Via her Instagram account where she documents her journey, she disclosed that the cancer had metastasised to her bones and liver.

Sadly, she died earlier this week, leaving behind 4 children. The advocate gave birth to 6 children but lost 2.