Mechanic injures physically challenged man with wooden object during altercation in Ondo

A motorcycle mechanic identified as Tunde Ajayi is currently on the run from the authorities after an altercation in which he reportedly struck a physically challenged man with a wooden object in Irowo Quarters, within the Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State.

According to reports from the state-owned publication, Hope Newspaper, the incident occurred on Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

Eyewitnesses detailed that the suspect, Tunde Ajayi, and the victim, Tubosun, who is popularly known as Alloy, initially started what appeared to be playful banter with the victim, who made it clear he was not in a good mood.

Reportedly, in a fit of anger, Tubosun attempted to slap the mechanic. In response, the mechanic allegedly used a wooden object to strike Tubosun on the head, resulting in an injury and significant loss of blood.

Concerned individuals quickly rushed Tubosun to a nearby private hospital for immediate medical attention. Subsequently, he was transferred to the General Hospital for further treatment.

Police are current pursuing the mechanic, Tunde Ajayi, who is said to have fled the scene shortly after the altercation.