Meet 31-yr-old Kim Yo Jong, favorite person to succeed Kim Jong Un in North Korea

Kim Yo-jong is the Next powerful person in North Korea and also the only person that questions the Supreme Leader’s Decision.

She is the youngest daughter of former supreme leader Kim Jong-il and younger sister to Kim Jong-Un, the current supreme leader who is being reported dead.

At just 27 Years, Kim Yo-jong was elected into the Supreme People’s Assembly, the country’s Parliament.

It is said that her brother, Kim Jong Un is very fond of her and their late Father paid serious attention in grooming her for leadership since she was 12.

With rumours of her 36-year-old brother Kim Jong Un being unwell or dead after a heart surgery, she might become the next leader of North Korea, the first female dictator of the country.

Yo Jong is responsible for pushing North Korean propaganda and protecting her brother’s reputation. She recently called South Korea a “frightened dog barking” for objecting to a live-fire military demonstration by the state, the Guardian reported.

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