Moment Nollywood Actress Almost Pushed Businesswoman down from a Top-Floor (video)

Nollywood actress, Bridgett Adebayo who is also known as Bridgett Missa and Mummy Summer was seen seriously abusing Kendra, who is said to be the interior designer she had paid for a job.

Bridgett said her reason for the assault was because Kendra did a shoddy job.

Bridgett never went easy on Kendra during the assault. She had grabbed her by the neck and shook her repeatedly while calling her names.

Bridgett had told Kendra “You can’t be dumb and proud,” before she let go of her.

The assault had set at the top floor of the building, and Kendra had rested on the rail of the building, where Bridgett had thrust her. When Bridgett had let go, Kendra almost turned from the rail, which wouldn’t have ended well if she had eventually turned over.

As if not satisfied, Bridgett continued her verbal assault on Kendra after the near-turnover. 

 Bridgett has been called in for questioning.

Bridgett has also called out Kendra in many posts on Instagram after the police’ invite.

Ironically, this incident happened days after Bridgett had called out for justice for Mohbad on her Instagram account.