Mother beats her 2-year-old daughter for getting raped in Idumota (Video)

A video shared by the Executive Secretary of the National Human Right Commission (NHRC), Mr Tony Ojukwu shows a mother being scolded for beating her 2-year-old daughter who was raped in Idumota, Lagos state.

In the video, residents and passersby are heard slamming the mother of the child for blaming her two-year-old for the assault reportedly done against her by an adult.

While replying the questions posed by the crowd, the mother said the child is very stubborn and will not stay in one place. She was, however, condemned by people for inflicting more pains on the toddler and even calling her ‘Ashawo (prostitute)’ for being raped.

While sharing the video on Twitter, Mr Tony of NHRC said that the commission is currently investigating the rape case which involves the two-year child reportedly raped in Idumota in Lagos State.

He wrote: “We are currently investigating this case but need all the leads we can get.”

“This video was shot in Idumota Lagos & the woman in the video beat her 2-year-old child who has been repeatedly raped by a man mercilessly. She blames the toddler for being raped & calls her ‘ashawo.”

“Please look at the face in this video. We know Lagos has a large population but if you recognise this face or any leads, @NhrcTweets @NHRCGender will appreciate your help. This little child needs our help now. My DMs are open.
@NhrcTweets is available too. Please Nigerians.”

Watch the video below.

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