Mum weeps, exposes careless caregiver of her autistic son in viral video

A video of a caregiver and an autistic boy walking outdoors in the cold of winter is going viral on TikTok.

According to the video which was covered by the mother of the autistic boy identified as Tade.

The caregiver was wearing a jacket while the boy is in the cold without jacket, causing the mother to become alarmed.

She complains that she pays the caregiver a lot of money to care for her son who is obviously dependent and would need someone around due to his condition, and still her son is not properly taken care of, even neglected.

In her comments, she wonders what would have happened had she gone to the office and her son had stayed without a jacket. She therefore begs that she be allowed to choose a caregiver by herself. Below are her comments in quote.

“I went out and the carer came and took my son out in this snow like this without a jacket. And look at the carer, she’s got a jacket. See this is what I go through as a mother of an autistic adult. I don’t know what would happen if I had gone to the office today and this boy stays without jacket. “The carer took Tade out without his jacket in the snow. Found them on the road while driving home. This is what we go through and why we beg them to let us choose our own carers. They get paid a lot to look after my child.”