My daughter has as much right to inherit my assets as my first son – Nigerian journalist says

Emmanuel Nnadozie Onwubiko, a Nigerian Journalist, human right activist, social media expert and a writer, has spoken about sibling rivalry.

He also spoke on how female children are denied the right to inherit their fathers’ assets by some communities. This was stated on Tuesday, October 3, in one of his Facebook posts.

Nnadozie expressed himself on how his daughter, Nneoma Chisom Onwubiko, has as much right to inherit his assets as his first son.

He made clear his dissatisfaction of how Africa’s”authentic Africanness” is deteriorating as everyone is mainly interested in going after perishable items rather than seeking peace and equity among one another.

Below is his statement,
“Big brother caring for his Sister is the essence of our authentic Africanness. But these days, siblings rivalries have become commonplace over perishable items such as Dad’s landed assets and money.

“We quarrel so much over inheritance and some communities deny the female child the right to inherit her father’s assets. For me, my daughter Nneoma Chisom Onwubiko has as much right to inheritance my assets as my first Son Nnadozie NaetoChukwu Onwubiko,” Onwubiko stated.

Emmanuel Onwubiko has always been a human right activist, so it isn’t surprising that he wrote on some communities treating their females poorly.