My husband is the most practicing feminist I know – Aisha Yesufu replies man who asked how she handles her home

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has shared with Twitter users how she handles her home and the socio-political activist responded.

It began when YouTuber Sisi Yemmie asked why women are always expected to be polite, humble, and not too confident.

She tweeted: “I don’t know why there’s so much pressure on women to be more polite, stay humble, be confident but not too much. Society stays trying to police the way women communicate, dress, sit, — basically, exist.”

Aisha Yesufu responded to Sisi Yemmie’s tweet, writing: “As a teenager I watched as all the women who were called good wives were the ones that were abused and endured all sorts of crap and I made up my mind never to be one given the label of good! Reason I don’t do label.
The freedom that comes from not needing that validation is.”

Thereafter, a man asked Aisha how she handles her home. He wrote: “Hello, this is a neutral question without hidden intent. How do you handle your home? Would you say your husband is the one who doesn’t “call for the unnecessary push to be a kind of way” hence your love for him?”

And Aisha Yesufu, who has been married for 22 years, responded: “I married a man not a little boy playing at being a man. My husband is the most practising feminist that I know. We have the same values and that makes things extremely easy. We have mutual respect for each other. He doesn’t see me as handler of the house, he sees us as handlers.”