My Senior Colleague and His Wife’s Messy Marital Life…

A Nairalander has shared a sad story of a colleague who is going through a tough time in his marriage.

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There’s this very nice married senior colleague of mine who is having a very messy marital life, my other colleague hinted me about it and I actually got close to him and eventually gets him to pour out his heart to me.

According to him, he got married at early 40s to his very young wife as at then who was 19years. Infact he said his mother-in-law never approved of their marriage but his wife insisted and with the support of the father-in-law they got married. However after their first child, he enrolled the wife in a university to further her studies as she married him as a secondary school dropout. That was the beginning of his chaos, that was the beginning of seefinish according to him, that was the beginning of nightmares in his home.

It started by getting reports from people who knows him(he’s rich and popular in his home town) about his wife’s wayward lifestyle with lecturers and administrative staff, so many nasty reports and how she throws herself at some of these people which many people never believed she was married. Eventually she graduated and came back home, he never confronted her because he really loved her, so he let everything slide. She got pregnant for their second child and when she was due for delivery she had an accident that almost claimed her life, fortunately she was saved and her baby survived as well but unfortunately she won’t be able to have more children. She started complaining about everything and how this man has reduced her beauty and even reporting him to his friend about everything happening in their home. The friend always advise him to send her away but he couldn’t do it for the sake of his children.

So she advanced by telling this man that they should no longer welcome visitors in their home, family members are not welcomed as well and if you want to see him, he will give you a location to meet him but definitely not his house. This man became a shadow of himself that he refused family interference as well.

He told me she dresses provocatively and goes out and comes back at will. Then he decided to hack her WhatsApp and what he saw was a mess that he couldn’t ever imagine in his life. This woman sends her nude and indulge in sex videos with different kind of men, some are way younger than her and all other sorts of dirty activities.

Having discovered all these things about his wife, he still has not summoned the courage to chase her out, she even goes to her room and lock herself to do nude videos to send to different men but he’s still saying whenever he wants to chase her away he thinks about his kids and won’t be able to do so.

The recent one she’s doing is planning to relocate abroad to meet one of her lovers and she’s already processing visa and even threatening the man that soon she’ll leave him to go enjoy her life. As it stands now, they are just living together and don’t talk to each other or even cook for him. She threatened the man that she’ll kill him if he dares stand against her plans and he has gone to the police station to make report concerning this.

He asked me what I think he should do and I told him it’s quite a pathetic story that will need the advise of an experienced person, I actually played smart on him because I was told he doesn’t take advise and that he has been advised severally to end the marriage with her but he always have no courage doing that. This man has developed blood pressure due to all he’s facing from his wife.

What grip could this woman be having on him?

What is the best way out for him and if the wife’s relocation eventually fails, should this man continue to live with this woman?

He obviously need help but unfortunately he has chased his family away and stopped friends from getting close, how would you help this kind of man who unfortunately found himself in this deep mess?