Naira Marley shares his side of the story with Reno Omokri

Another controversy has been struck by the controversial celebrity, Reno Omokri this time around was with his interview with Naira Marley, the Nigerian singer.

The interview educed different reactions from many celebrities and the public.

His conversation with Marley, centered on the circumstances that surrounded Mohbad’s situation.

The interview was crucial as it was important to hear all sides of the story.

Marley talked about the challenges that Mohbad faced as young as he was and how he always had suicidal thoughts evoked by those challenges.

Naira Marley went as far as sharing some of the personal conversations he had with Mohbad, as it gave way to reveal the depth of the relationship they shared.

The marlian executive stressed the importance of hearing both sides of the story and the efforts he made to support the troubled artiste.

Expressing his empathy towards Marley, Omokri noted that he understands what it felt like to be falsely accused, which is one the reasons he made the decision to interview Naira Marley.

But the public’s reaction to the interview opined from sarcasm to questioning the motif behind it.

Some celebrities critiqued the interview; VerDarkMan, a popular celebrity slammed Reno Omokri for the interview, questioning the motives behind it.

Another celebrity, Ruth Kadiri, one of the Nollywood actresses, posted her doubts about the interview,

“By their fruits, you shall know them,” she said.

Some members of the public believe that the interview provided a necessary clarity on the situations surrounding the deceased artiste and they praised Omokri for taking such initiative to give Naira Marley an opportunity to share his side of the story in regards to the allegations made against him and his associates.

The death of Mohbad has been a huge subject of interest since it happened.

Further stimulating speculations and discussions about his recent state and future in the music industry, reports proposed that Naira Marley is willing to return to Nigeria.