NGO threatens to lynch staff of Amnesty International if they don’t leave Nigeria

A Non-Governmental Organization known as Centre for Africa Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights (CASLER) has threatened to bring violence upon staff of human rights group, Amnesty International if they do not leave Nigeria after a seven-day ultimatum.

Princess Ajibola, convener of CASLER, issued the threat at a press conference organized by the group on Wednesday, November 4, saying that Amnesty International will face massive destruction of their offices in Abuja and Lagos if they fail to leave.

This threat comes days after Amnesty International alleged that 12 persons were killed in the shooting of #EndSARS protesters on Tuesday, October 20. While the Lagos state government says only two persons were killed in the incident, Amnesty International insists that 12 persons were killed.

Speaking at the press conference, Princess Ajibola said,

“For Nigeria to rebuild, Amnesty International must be out of the way. CALSER, therefore, gives Amnesty International a seven-day ultimatum to leave Nigeria.

The NGO’s failure to leave Nigeria will attract civil disobedience at its offices in Abuja and Lagos on a scale that will make the campaign of looting and arson it facilitated appear like child’s play. Its staffers will be treated the same way that innocent policemen and our children lynched by mobs were treated,”Ajibola said.

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1 thought on “NGO threatens to lynch staff of Amnesty International if they don’t leave Nigeria

  1. Africa libration org. Kindly listen .you need to be nuteral in a matter like this and get the truth yourself. That is one of the reasons the world listen much to an NGO for not being baias in their findings. Have you .on your own as african liberation org. Find out the numbers of people killed or are you saying there was no killing at lekki toll gate. If the amnesty international is not saying the truth. Can your org tell the nigerian people the truth? Pls be yourself dont attach your intetest to govt rather than the truths. Govt r forming NGO to nutralise their evils knowing too well that the world believe so much on NGO. Dont allow the government to use your org to confuse and contradit the truths .How many were killed at lekki ? pls i need a reply from you. I wll send my real mame and my org .I am COMR KALU (Commandant crisis control action squad lagos state.( for: crisis control FDTN Worldwide) This is an independent lincesed security org. Mandated to check mate govt officails and private sectors against corrupt practises .human right abuse.national threats and general societal ills. Be kind enough to reply me or call to speak to me.lots of orgs hv been approaching us to partner but we refused .we want a good nigeria where every citizen become equal. Irrespective of your politicail .social and financial standard.

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