Nigerian artistes kill their friends, family members for fame – Ghanaian actor says

A Ghanaian actor, Palago Mufasa has taken to twitter to insinuate that the sacrifices Nigerian artists make to be famous, more famous than other African artistes, also include killing their friends and family members.

This is coming after a Ghanaian man trolled Ghanaian musicians for not been able to feature top American artists like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, just like Nigerian musicians do.

The Ghanaian man was reaction to Davido’s announcement about his soon to be released song which features Nicki Minaj.

Replying him, Palago urged Ghanaians to stop comparing both countries, and asked if they know the sacrifices these Nigerian artistes perform. He also asked if Ghanaian musicians are ready to kill their family members and friends for fame.

“Davido ft Nicki Minaj herh Nigeria is far gone this is madness.” The user wrote.

Palago replied:

“They far gone because your Ghanaian artistes jealous and envy each other’s successes!! We should stop comparing ourselves to Nigerians and focus on ourselves to achieve a greater greater heights. Stop the comparisons! Sarkodie won’t be happy to see this… let’s focus on how to make Ghanaian music great! Davido ft Nicki Minaj is not a surprise when he’s signed to Sony Music! Y’all gotta know the influence Sony music has on his brand! Comparing Ghanaian music to Nigeria music will make Ghana music always dey slack!!!.. We should focus on what we have and show the world what we got not comparisons!!! Ghanaian Music who is gonna show us to the world as these Nigerians dey do! Not making comparisons tho but are we ready!!! Y’all gotta count on me then! Time will definitely tell! Until a Ghanaian artiste is signed to a major record label!! You laymen of music and showbiz as a whole should stop comparing Ghanaian artiste to Nigerians! Yeah but why are Ghanaian musicians effort not attracting major label.. ask yourself. Who’s Ghana’s topmost artiste?? Is he signed to a major label! Until Then you laymen of music should stop the comparisons. Yo you lil niggas better shut the fuck up! Do you know the sacrifices these Nigerian artistes dey make before them dey go far like that. Yo you lil niggas better shut the fuck up! Do you know the sacrifices these Nigerian artistes dey make before them dey go far like that. We dey play too much. We dey here dey fight over KING of what what n QUEEN of what.. how the industry go go far! Why don’t we all root for Sarkodie to get these kinda features since hes the only one running ghana music and got that respect to do so now! Sarkodie is not a singer but look at where’s he’s at! Don’t you people compare him to none of these artistes cos he’s a in his zone! Hate it or love it Sarkodie is on top of every Ghanaian artiste! Y’all thing it’s easy to be consistent like that! Nigerians will always be ahead of Ghanaians if we don’t stop hating each other and get happy for another man’s success. Nigerians has always been ahead of us! If it wasn’t for Aki and Popo there wouldn’t be no Agya Akoo in movies or nothing like comedy movie in Ghana!

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