Nigerian Inventor’s fuelless generator earns him an honorary degree

A 70-Year-Old Inventor has been awarded Honorary Doctorate for Creating a fuelless Generator, a Water-Powered Stove, and a Vaspa Engine Helicopter.

Social media users praised the talented man, calling for support from wealthy individuals who could further his work.

Nigerian inventor, Engr Hadi Usman, has been awarded an honorary doctorate degree in science by Gombe State University.

According to a spokesperson for Gombe State Governor, Safianu Danladi Mairiga, Usman was awarded the degree at the Gombe State University’s 10th to 13th combined convocation.

In addition to his fuelless generator, Usman has invented a water-powered stove, a radio station, a radio transmitter, a Vespa engine helicopter, and a telephone.

He also stated that the indigene of Jekadafari Ward of Gombe LGA, Gombe state memorized the Holy Qur’an at the age of 12.

According to Danladi, Usman built a fuelless generator without any formal education.

Here are people’s motivating comments:

@YusufNasir_Ahmd said:

“Actually, that water generator and water stove will never reach the market.

“A free energy innovation will never reach the market.”

@Dammyjah2040 said:

“Guess what he doesn’t flaunt nu.des or six packs… Big company won’t invest in him.”

@gboladeogundele said:

“Very amazing. Wow.

“I hope the concerned government MDAs can improve on it and produce it on larger scale for sale in Nigeria and export. Of course, the trademark should be for the inventor.

“God bless Nigeria.”

@papaanache said:

“Why has the Nigerian elites not harness this man’s potential? We don’t value talent in Nigeria and it’s very bad. It’s not even about the government, even the rich people could invest in this pure talent. It’s clearly going to be profitable and will put Nigeria in a higher pedes.”

@MahmoodSalisu said:

“With just small funding, the likes of mallam Hadi would have done wonders and become an inspiration to many like minds to emulate him. But no, we will rather be stealing public funds and building houses in Dubai.”

Hadi Usman wants to share his knowledge and teach others what he knows

Hadi Usman has expressed his desire to teach people what he knows and pass on his innovative knowledge.

Usman also invented an aeroplane prototype, an indoor radio station, and a laptop power bank.

Usman’s son, Bashir Usman, has also followed in his father’s footsteps by creating his own inventions, a laptop power bank which he showed off during the interview.