Nigerian leaders are intellectually bankrupt, lack capacity & character – Oyedepo

The founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo has said that ‘many of our leaders are intellectually bankrupt’ and that they lack capacity, courage and character. 

Oyedepo, speaking at 20th inaugural lecture of Covenant University on Thursday, lamented that: ‘It is unfortunate that many of our leaders are intellectually bankrupt. 

‘When confronted with some of these beautiful initiatives, it is very shameful that they often don’t know the meaning. And if they don’t know the meaning, how will they go about implementation?”

‘I have often said it that our leaders lack three Cs-capacity, courage and character.”

‘Where is the capacity when you are bereft of intellect required of a leader? Where is the courage when you don’t have the political will to follow through with policies that will improve governance? And where is the character when all they are thinking is how to win election as many times as possible while ignoring developmental initiatives?’