Nigerian man explains how you can get back your money from online fraudsters

A Nigerian man has revealed how one can get one’s money back after being scammed by online fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo in Nigeria.

According to the man, banks now have a fraud desk where such complaints are laid as mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Read his post below for step by step process on retrieving money lost to internet fraudsters.

1. You can get your money back from online fraudsters (If you can follow through). CBN has now mandated all banks to open a fraud desk to handle cases.

The bank will investigate, prosecute and reverse such dubious transactions even though the scammer has withdrawn the money.

2. Say you use UBA and you paid money into your instagram seller’s(scammer) Zenith account, you can simply send a mail to

Make sure you copy the CBN at (This puts the banks on their toes).

3. The banks should block such a suspicious account IMMEDIATELY a complaint is received via the fraud desk. They can receive customer’s STOP-TRANSACTION complaints to block their own account.