Nigerian man narrates his encounter with a woman whom he picked up and took home

A man named Victor Asemota has shared on X what transpired after he picked up a woman on a rainy day and took her to his house.

It all started with an X user questioning men and the risks they take by inviting women they barely know to their homes.

“I’m honestly scared for men. Such risk takers.

“You don’t even know my last name but you want me to come spend the weekend with you? Barely an hour into texting.

“You people don’t like yourselves o.” The X user wrote.

While another user who is a woman replied: “Do you know how many stupid things they have done?

“That’s how one of my mom’s friends took a mad woman home (I’m not kidding you) in the ’70s.  It was when she started removing her clothes that it clicked.  Say na mad woman.

“It was after that he decided to get married.

Victor Asemota then shared his personal experience: “One night in Lagos, I picked up a girl when it was raining and took her home.

“After she had dried up and eaten, she asked me why I brought her to my house instead of taking her to her place.

“She told me that what I did was risky and should never try it again.

“She had a dagger and showed it to me. She said she was a thief but decided to pity me because I didn’t rush to have sex.

“I took her to her place which was a slum then between ELF and Goshen.

“Two weeks later, police cleared the place and found a weapons and ammunition cache. I never did it again.”

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