Nigerian pastor reacts after son’s babymama calls him a deadbeat father

Nigerian pastor Femi Aribisala has responded to accusations made by his son’s babymama, Imoteda, who claimed that he has neglected his responsibilities as a father.

Imoteda took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with Femi Jr. for allegedly failing to fulfill his paternal obligations.

Her comments were made in response to a viral tweet advising single women against using their babydaddy’s surname on their children’s official documents, as it would necessitate his consent for every decision.

She posted screenshots of her chat with her baby-daddy, in which she begged him to be present in their daughter’s life but he failed to respond.

Just recently on May 8, 2023, she asked for a picture of his passport so their daughter’s visa could be renewed, but he also ignored it.

She wrote,

“PLEASE O! So that you will not be begging one useless deadbeat. Cause money they will not drop, visit the child, they will not visit, respond to WhatsApp they will not respond. But Nigerian immigration will be telling you that you have to bring a useless man’s passport.”

“Anyways, if you know Femi Aribisala please beg him to try and be a father small. And to stop lying that I moved his daughter without his knowledge and I don’t keep him updated. Here I am begging somebody’s father to pretend to be a father. I don beg tire,” she added.

Below is her tweets and screenshots of her chat with her baby daddy and the reply she got thereafter.

However, Femi (Jnr) failed to react to the allegations and did not say anything for several hours after she called him out. His father, on the other hand, went online to respond to Imoteda in a statement released on Tuesday, July 11.

Read his full statement below,

“I am Dr. Femi Aribisala, the “old man” of Femi Aribisala, and the grandfather of Rayne. I have asked Femi not to respond to all these comments that Tomi Aladekomo, alias “@Imoteda”, has been posting here on Twitter. I, myself, will only respond once.

I have no time to join issues with Tomi Aladekomo (@lmoteda). Those who want to believe Tomi’s (@lmoteda’s) stories are welcome. They should know, however, that Tomi’s posts on social media are not the whole truth.

Rayne is not an abandoned child. Femi has paid virtually all of Rayne’s fees for 15 years. She went to expensive schools. Rayne lived with Tomi but stayed with Femi every other week. We all took Rayne out to lunch every other Sunday. On occasions, I personally took her shopping and bought her lots of different outfits. She stayed primarily with her mother but spent some weekends with her father.

Tomi’s father is also wealthy, so. I am quite suite surprised she is giving the impression here of a destitute ab@ndoned mother.

A while ago, Tomi suddenly decided she was moving permanently with Rayne to Canada to take advantage of her citizenship, house, and free schooling for Rayne. She gave the impression that, with her rich pedigree, she no longer needed our financial contribution for Rayne’s upkeep.

I don’t know what happened, but suddenly we are made to understand that Tomi has brought Rayne back to Nigeria.

Tomi did not tell us about this. It was just randomly discovered that Rayne is in Nigeria again and is enrolled in a different school without Femi’s knowledge.

In addition, it is worth stating that Tomi and Femi have only one child together. They are not married, and it was Tomi who broke off the relationship with Femi 15 years ago. He did not break it off with her.

Tomi, as you know, my door is always open for you. If you were genuinely interested in Rayne’s welfare, and you could not reach Femi, the ideal thing to do is to get in touch with me or my wife.
Both families have a cordial relationship, so it is sad to see that you chose to resort to all this unnecessary mudslinging on social media. For the sake of our granddaughter, I would suggest that you both find a better way to resolve this issue.

If necessary, we should arrange for more formal arbitration where there would be a mediator present. We and your parents are on the best of terms, so it is good to also involve them. We would also like to see our granddaughter, Rayne; we have not seen her for a while.”

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