Nigerian woman who went to UK to deliver in a reputable hospital gives birth in a taxi

Tito Idakula, the daughter of former Governor of Oyo state Lateef Ladoja, has narrated how her friend traveled to the UK last year to give birth in a reputable hospital, only to end up giving birth in an Uber.

Tito, who is married to singer Bez and currently pregnant with their child, said she remembered the story while worrying about giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She shared the story to teach her followers to “trust God completely” because “God is the only one who can truly protect you and your child on your pregnancy journey.”

She narrated how her friend was anxious about giving birth in Nigeria because of the horror stories she has heard about Nigerian hospitals. She tried to get an American visa and then a Canadian visa but was denied both times.

She then decided to have her child in the UK, despite knowing that the child will not have citizenship. All she wanted was a good hospital where her mind will be at rest during delivery.

After all her plans to have the best doctors, when it was time to give birth, her child came in a car before they even got to the hospital.

Read the thread below.

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