Nigerians concerned about Tinubu’s real reason for travelling to France

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President-elect, has a suspected peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line) inserted in his body and linked to his right arm.

However, Nigerians have expressed mixed concerns to his swollen stomach. Serious worries about his health surfaced upon his return from France on Monday, April 24, especially when photos went viral. The photos have resurfaced the claims that Tinubu had gone for medical treatment in France.

According to research, major central veins close to the heart can be reached directly with the help of a PICC line. And doctors may suggest the device if a patient’s treatment plan calls for numerous needle jabs for medication or blood draws.

The PICC tube on Tinubu’s arm first caused a stare among Nigerians, and more concerns arose hours later because of his bloated stomach.

Additional research shows that an excessively swollen outer abdomen may be a result of gas-related bloating or by a buildup of tissue, fluid, or digestive products.

One can observe and quantify the difference on Tinubu’s end.

According to one Chief Ikukuwoma during reactions to the photos, “He is looking so bloated, since when did he Amoda Tinubu have big tummy?”