Nigerians Ranks Second of World’s Most Prayerful people

A new report by the Pew Research Centre, a non-partisan American think-tank located in Washington, D.C., has ranked Nigeria as the second most prayerful country globally, with a staggering 95 percent prayer rate.

This marks a continuation of Nigeria’s strong devotion to prayer, as similar findings were reported in 2019 when Pew Research Centre surveys conducted between 2008 and 2017 also ranked Nigeria as the world’s most prayerful nation.

In contrast, countries such as China (1%), the UK (6%), Switzerland (8%), Austria (8%), Czechoslovakia (9%), Germany (9%), Estonia (9%), France (10%), and Denmark (10%) are among the least prayerful nations.

The report highlights that, in comparison to weekly worship attendance, daily prayer is more widespread globally. On average, approximately 49% of adults across 105 surveyed countries report praying daily.

The prevalence of daily prayer is particularly high in sub-Saharan Africa (75%), the Middle East and North Africa (70%), and Latin America (62%).

Notably, daily prayer rates vary significantly across Asia. The report points out that Afghanistan (96%) and Iran (87%), both with predominantly Muslim populations, exhibit a high daily prayer rate, consistent with the global pattern of elevated prayer levels in Muslim-majority countries, given that prayer is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

In Hindu-majority India, 75% of the population prays daily, while daily prayer is notably less common in certain Asian regions, such as Vietnam (14%) and China (1%).

Here is a list of the most prayerful countries on earth.

1. Afghanistan: 96%
2. Nigeria: 95%
3. Algeria: 88%
4. Senegal: 88%
5. Djibouti: 87%

6. Iran: 87%
7. Iraq: 87%
8. Niger: 87%
9. Indonesia: 84%

List of the less prayerful countries on earth.

1. China: 1%
2. UK: 6%
3. Switzerland: 8%
4. Austria: 8%

5. Czechia: 9
6. Germany: 9
7. Estonia: 9%
8. France: 10%
9 . Denmark: 10%