Nwawuba Felicitates with Ndi MBAIKE on 2023 New Year

My dear Ndi Mbaike,

We have yet another reason to give glory to the Almighty God for witnessing another year!

The year 2022 has been a challenging one for the world and certainly a tough one for our country. Inspite of the difficulties, it has pleased God to count us among the living to this day.

In 2023, we shall be going to the polls to elect leaders who shall direct our affairs for another four years. It is a watershed year where the people shall make a resounding statement on what future awaits them.

As we journey into the historic year, I pray for wisdom for our people to elect candidates with proven antecedents who have always stood by them. This is the time to carefully sift out true sons and daughters of the land and leave out those who see us as merchandise.

I wish us all a very prosperous New Year.

Rt Hon. Henry Nwawuba

Member Representing Mbatoili/Ikeduru Federal Constituency.