OAP Dotun replies estranged wife; dares DBanj to provide receipts of paying his rent

OAP Dotun has responded to allegations made by his estranged wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo, and has thrown a challenge to singer DBanj regarding the alleged financial he gave them during their marriage.

Taiwo Oyebanjo, in her response to the media personality’s previous statements, made several claims, including the assertion that her brother, singer DBanj, had covered the couple’s house rent and had even gifted them a car that Dotun still uses.

In his response, Dotun clarified the origin of the car mentioned by Taiwo, explaining that it was a wedding gift from DBanj. He also revealed that he had personally purchased a car for Taiwo as a “push gift” when she gave birth to one of their daughters.

Dotun further questioned whether their house purchase and Taiwo’s trip to the US for childbirth were also financially supported by DBanj. He also raised the issue of a N15 million loan he allegedly extended to Taiwo’s mother.

Additionally, Dotun alleged that Taiwo had an abortion in the past, which he claimed was with an ex-boyfriend who happened to be a doctor, and that she had tried to pin it on him. He cited this incident as one of the reasons their marriage had reached a breaking point.

Dotun made the controversial claim that Taiwo was figuratively “married to her brother” and had given her “mantle of reasoning” to her mother.

Concluding his response, Dotun urged Taiwo to stop apologizing to their daughters, whom he claimed she did not feel fulfilled having, and insist she tells him how to see his kids.