Only cursed women die in Childbirth – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man has raised eyebrows after saying that it is meaningless for women to die during childbirth.

According to him, “why would she die at childbirth” if she is not cursed.

The man identified on Facebook as Neduigwéh Chinedu made the cringy comment when another Facebook user said,

“A woman who lost her life to childbirth have paid an endless price in marriage. After some men will ask what is she bringing to the table🤔🤔🙄🙄 Incase you don’t know, she is bringing her life.”

In a clap back, Chinedu wrote:

“This is so meaningless! Is she coming to the marriage only to die? Why would she die in childbirth? Is she cursed?

“Although Childbirth is painful, but God has made the ladies to weather the pains?In Igbo tradition and mythology only women who are cursed die in childbirth.Trust me, this is only but a negative example”

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