Our fore-fathers could keep 5 wives, today we can’t even keep one, divorce everywhere – Okon Lagos

Actor Ime Bishop Umoh, Popularly known as Okon Lagos has lamented the rise in divorce cases, especially among young couples. In a video he shared, the actor blamed men for their inability to keep a wife recalling how it was possible in the past for a man to keep many wives in the past.

In one month alone, the media was awash with news of the unfortunate crashing of the marriages of three popular celebrities.

One of the celebrities, Actor Blossom Chuchujekwu reportedly moved out of the house he shared with his wife, Maureen Esisi, walking out of their 3-year-old marriage.

According to Okon Lagos, who believes that men contribute more to marriage failures, we need to start looking slightly away from the campaign on women’s right and start looking deeper into the real situation of how men treat and perceive women.

Sharing a video of where he also buttressed his point, he wrote:

“In my opinion, men contribute more to the cause of divorce in marriages than women. Women tend to put in more of the work in holding marriages together, more than the men. More so, if we play down on the intense campaign for women rights, fairness, justice, political inclusion with regards to women which for me is secondary, and begin to focus on wholesomely and effectively fixing the minds of the men, as regards how they treat and perceive women, it will pay off quicker.”

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